About Us

Kanika Patawari calls herself a creator, entrepreneur, and environment-enthusiast. She founded MusicRecycle in 2018, after observing a large disconnect between public information and the situation at hand.


Born and raised in Belgium, Kanika grew up in a family with high values for sustainability. Her father is a pioneer in the recycling industry, as he has led his company Gemini Corporation to become one of the largest circular economy enablers in the world. 


Kanika found herself attracted to music from a very young age and started taking piano & singing lessons. She went on to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. Kanika was a key performer in the tribute concert for legendary composer, A. R. Rahman, during which she also performed alongside him.


Soon after graduating, she moved to Los Angeles to learn more at Sony Music. Kanika interned at Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment label, where she helped search, select, and recruit talent for the label.


Kanika is currently building a creative music recording space in the heart of Mumbai. She envisions this as a co-working space for musicians - a place where both amateurs and veterans may collaborate, network, and enhance their music skills. With the support of Sony and Berklee College of Music, she intends to make this a hub for international collaborations, where musicians from all over the world can come and collaborate with local Indian talent.

Kanika debuted as an artist and music producer in early 2019. Her music is available on all streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music.

As an avid traveler, Kanika lives between Los Angeles, Belgium, and Mumbai. Purpose-driven, she works to share knowledge and create opportunities for everyone around her.


Through MusicRecycle, Kanika strives to educate, influence, and encourage people around the world to take note of what they buy, what they use, and how their consumption choices impact the Earth.