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Creative thinking is the foundation of Zandra’s emergence into the Graphic Design world.

Currently, Zandra is a full-time second year Graphic Communication student at Norwich

University of the Arts specialising in branding, motion graphics and Interaction/User

Experience Design.


Designing ideas-led communication solutions to engage in the real world is necessary to

address commercial design problems. Through utilising digital technologies, Zandra has

undertaken multiple re-branding project, aiming to change the designs in the sustainable world. She believes that if sustainable practices was properly designed the movement would progress further.  Environmentally sustainable is fundamental in Zandra’s view, not only to the commercial industry but also as part of a global movement.

Alongside University, Zandra is the sole curator of MusicRecycle’s website and Instagram.

Through designing animations, infographics and posters, Zandra is able to bring to life the

key environmental ideas and messages that MusicRecycle actively is trying to spread.

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