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TRASHed x Coachella

Coachella Music Festival is one of the largest festivals in the world. On average, it attracts around 250,000 over 2 weekends. This festival takes place annually in April, just outside of Los Angeles, California.


They have a program called Art of Recycling, which is created and run by the NGO Global Inheritance. Through this program, several visual artists are called upon to create art on recycling bins. These redesigned bins are put on display on the festival grounds for everyone to see during the festival. MusicRecycle has sponsored this exhibit entirely.


Due to Covid-19, this festival has been postponed. 

Not only are we enabling this exhibit to happen, but we will also be sponsoring a bin exchange with Mexico. Selected schools will create their own redesigned bin that will be featured at the festival. Each participating school will be gifted care packages that teachers can incorporate into their curriculum as prizing for students going above and beyond their normal responsibilities to reduce their school’s carbon footprint.



"Dhruv Goel presents a sample pack inspired by recycling. Recorded by Goel, Kaushlesh ‘Garry’ Purohit, and Splice’s Josh Robertson at a recycling yard in downtown Los Angeles, the pack features an eclectic mix of sounds originating from metal, plastic, and rubber sources. Dig into genre-bending loops and one-shots with sounds created using trash cans, broken cars, discarded PlayStations, rubber tires, and other items people deemed as waste that we saw as instruments."

ISRI Expo 2018


Participated and presented at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Expo & Convention held in Las Vegas.



Participated and presented at the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries Expo & Convention held in Los Angeles.

ISRI Expo 2019

Desert Daze Festival
California, October 2019

The BBC estimates that 23,500 tons of waste is

produced by music festivals each year.

MusicRecycle joined hands with Global

Inheritance to create an experience called


where festival-goers would learn how to cut out

plastic from their lives.


"Dealing with plastic problems in your life? Find the remedy by visiting the PLASTIC SURGERY office. Consult with the resident doctor. Get a prescription from the PLASTIC-FREE PHARMACY for reusable items to live your best life."

Desert Daze Festival
Berklee College of Music

Berklee College of Music

Students created a performance video using only recyclable material


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