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Purpose-driven, Kanika works to share knowledge and create opportunities for everyone around her. She was raised in a family with high values for sustainability and her father has led his company, Gemini Corporation, into the foreground of the circular economy. 


Kanika found herself attracted to music from a very young age and began lessons in piano and voice. She went on to attend Berklee College of Music in Boston, where she was a key performer in the tribute concert for legendary composer, A. R. Rahman.

Soon after graduating, Kanika moved to Los Angeles where she further honed her skills at Sony Music, interning at Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment label. In this position, she searched, selected, and recruited talent for the label.


Currently, Kanika is building a creative music recording space in the heart of Mumbai. She envisions this as a co-working space for musicians - a place where both amateurs and veterans may collaborate, network, and enhance their music skills. With the support of Sony and Berklee College of Music, she intends to make this a hub for international collaborations, where musicians from all over the world can come and collaborate with local Indian talent. 

Kanika was also recently elected as Vice Curator for the Global Shapers Navi Mumbai Hub of the World Economic forum for 2021-2022 , and has pledged to plant 1 billion trees in India over the next ten years. 



Peter is passionate about creating new opportunities for sustainable business choices in the music industry, as well as inspiring the next generation of creative thinkers. As a lifelong musician, Peter was a touring/recording artist, freelancer, and a faculty member for Berklee College of Music’s Woodwind Department. 


In addition to being a musician, Peter is deeply rooted in the business development side of the music industry. He completed a 2-year appointment as Director of New Initiatives - Music Industry at California Lutheran University (CLU) in Thousand Oaks, California. In this position, he was involved in the development of a new music industry curriculum focused on creativity and innovative thinking. 


He also was Director of Berklee College of Music’s Los Angeles Office for over 20 years, where he served as representative of Berklee for the Los Angeles music industry. In this position, he built out the brand of the college by establishing an alumni network that is now the go-to pipeline for new talent across all fields within the industry. 



Rebecca Shrand is a Los Angeles based film/media composer, tubist, conductor, and singer-songwriter. Her first composition was a song she wrote about pineapple at age 3: the premier performance of the piece was sung by herself in the car seat. Though she still loves pineapple, you do not have to hear it from a car seat. Check out her website to listen. 

A recent alum of Berklee College of Music, Rebecca graduated with degrees in Film Scoring and Tuba Performance, and a minor in conducting. During her time at Berklee, she was also the Brass Department Office Assistant, an Emergency Medical Technician, and owned a pie business called Summer Street Sweets

Passionate about sustainability, Rebecca led crowds in song at the 2019 Berklee Climate Strike as a part of the Global Climate Strike. She has always been environmentally conscious, and loves having conversations with those close to her on the importance of practicing sustainability in their daily lives. She is a firm believer that small changes have big effects.

Along with being the Operations Manager at MusicRecycle, Rebecca also works as an assistant music editor. When she has downtime, she loves hiking, studying mycology, embroidering by hand, and cooking.