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Claudia Lee Horna

Who are you, what do you do, and where are you from?

I am a violinist and composer for film and media from Lima, Peru. I especially enjoy composing for animated projects and tend to draw inspiration from multiple musical styles and traditions that I have studied over the years to better tell stories through my music.

What does sustainability mean to you?

To me sustainability means that humanity can thrive hundreds of years in the future without damaging and draining the natural resources, but rather preserving them.

It means that everybody gets to have a fair share of resources that fits their needs without draining the planet.

How do you incorporate sustainability into daily life as an artist?

I always do my best to stay informed about the current situation of the planet and also following and supporting organizations that also promote a change to a more sustainable way of living and helping reduce the existing damage that humans have already done over the years. By keeping myself educated on more sustainable ways of living, I can slowly change small habits of mine, such as switching to reusable bags when shopping and familiarizing myself with what actually can be recycled. I believe that enough small changes gathered up together, can amount to a better future.

What impact can artists have on sustainability?

Artists connect with audiences on an emotional level and have the ability to reach a wide array of people through their craft. Thus, artists can have a big impact on raising awareness and informing a wide audience about ways that we can be more sustainable and lead a healthier lifestyle for our planet and environment.


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