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Sam Robbins



I’m a singer-songwriter! Sort of in the James Taylor, Jackson Browne Vein. I’ve been doing this for a while and I love getting into the craft of being a singer songwriter, troubadour guy.

Where do you live/where are you from?

I’m from Portsmouth, New Hampshire originally, and I’ve been in Nashville for two years.

Proudest accomplishment:

Releasing my first album in May! It was an insane amount of work, and getting it out there was an incredible feeling. It felt great to finally have a body of work out there, and to be able to point to something as my benchmark.

Fun fact about yourself:

I was in a punk band playing drums for years, and I wanted that to be my life for a while. I’m a punk, metal-adjacent drummer turned into a soft singer songwriter.

One sustainable change everyone should make:

A sustainable change I’ve made over the past year is becoming mostly vegetarian! I know that meat, specifically red meat, is horrible for the environment, so I’ve cut it out completely. I still eat chicken from time to time, but I’ve been able to really get by being mostly vegetarian. I think it’s definitely daunting to try to “become a vegetarian” as a life long meat eater, but I’ve been able to do it just by cutting out certain things - you don’t have to go all or nothing.

Who are your inspirations?

I’m a big fan of James Taylor, Jackson Browne, etc - a lot of the amazing 70’s singer songwriters that informed so much of singer songwriter music. I’m also a big David Wilcox, Brett Dennen, Amos Lee fan - more modern singer songwriters carrying on the tradition.

What is your personal sustainability goal over the next year?

A goal of mine over the next year is to get more and more vegetarian. Like I said, I still eat chicken at least once a week - maybe I’ll be able to get rid of it completely! Also, I live in East Nashville - there are some amazing farmer’s markets right by me! I’m trying to get there more as well.


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